ABA Therapy

SOAR is the premier ABA Therapyprovider of ABA therapy in the Spokane area

SOAR Behavior Services provides ABA therapy to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Our ABA Therapy Program consist of the following:

Individualized Assessment and Treatment Plan

When you first enroll with SOAR Behavior Services, your child will receive a highly individualized assessment and treatment plan. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will be assigned to your child’s case. Their first steps will be:

  • Reviewing all records (school, health, etc.)
  • Interviewing you and anyone who’s worked with your child
  • Observations in the home and community setting
  • Observation is the school setting (if appropriate)
  • Administering standardized testing

Your BCBA will then use this information to develop and write a treatment plan. The treatment plan will be designed to decrease problem behavior and also to increase skills.

Ongoing, Regular Treatment

After development of the treatment plan, your child will be assigned to a team. Under the supervision of a BCBA, your team will provide intensive intervention designed to teach functional academics and life skills (self-help, communication, social skills, etc.) by:

  • Increasing engagement and motivation in meaningful activities
  • Implementing programming that support activities of daily living
  • Facilitating independence and social interaction in the home and community setting

Family Training

SOAR understands the importance of families and so all of our therapy programs also include family training. Our approach is simple and we hope you will find learning to be comprehensive as well as fun and interesting. As you learn about ABA, you will realize that the principles of ABA are already deeply-embedded into virtually every aspect of your life. Once you discover this simple truth, we believe that you can and will learn how to systematically promote positive growth and development in your child. At SOAR, together with our parents and families, we are dedicated to promoting meaningful and lasting change by:

  • Addressing each child’s unique needs
  • Building on socially significant behavior
  • Decreasing challenging behaviors
  • Generalizing pivotal behaviors across multiple settings

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