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PEERS Social Skills GroupsPEERS social skills

SOAR is Spokane’s original provider of PEERS social skills groups. The PEERS program was developed at UCLA and is designed to teach friendship making skills to adolescents. All instructors at SOAR are PEERS certified.

Our goal is for your teen to develop at least 1 lasting friendship by the end of our 14-week PEERS program. Teens will learn things like how to set get-togethers, how to enter and exit conversations, how to respond to bullying, and many other important social skills. Teen groups meet weekly for 90 minutes each, in the evening or on weekends.

PEERS also incorporates parents. The success of the PEERS program relies on parent involvement. Every week, parents will meet for 90 minutes as a group and discuss what their teens are learning and the progress they’re making. This gives parents the ability to learn from their fellow parents and better support their teen in the journey of friendship making.

SOAR PEERS groups consist of no more than 8 teens and their families. Our small-group approach allows for a more nuanced discussion of social skills and friendship making.

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How to register

SOAR hosts 2 PEERS groups per year. Spaces fill up fast, so call us today to register!

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